Romney Allies Blast Gingrich: ‘Irrational’

by Robert Costa

Mitt Romney’s senior advisers say that Newt Gingrich isn’t merely a competitor in the GOP primary, with differing policy proposals and life experience. Instead, they call Gingrich an unreliable and unsteady egoist who, if nominated, would spell disaster for the party.

In a conference call with reporters, former New Hampshire governor John Sununu and former Missouri senator Jim Talent blasted Gingrich, focusing on his criticism of Rep. Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan. Talent, for his part, expressed repeated disappointment about Gingrich’s days as speaker: “You’d get up every morning, you’d have to check the clippings . . . and see what the speaker said and what you’d have to clean up.”

“Gingrich’s undercutting of Paul Ryan proves that he’s more concerned about Newt Gingrich than he is about conservative principles,” Sununu said. “What he did to Paul Ryan is a perfect example of the kind of irrational behavior that you do not want in the commander-in-chief.”

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