Paul’s Secret Weapon

by Katrina Trinko

As Bob Costa reported, Ron Paul has become a very formidable contender in the Iowa caucuses. In my piece today, I look at how Paul has achieved that uptick in the Iowa polls:


Ron Paul’s message hasn’t changed in the past four years. But his style of his message has — dramatically.

The most obvious example of that shift is his TV ads and Web videos, which are among the most professional and polished this cycle, and are helping propel Paul from a middle of the pack candidate to a top-tier contender in the all-important Iowa caucuses. 

“Ron Paul has run excellent ads at a very heavy rotation in Iowa,” observes Tim Albrecht, communications director for Iowa governor Terry Branstad and Mitt Romney’s Iowa communications director last cycle. “Those ads, combined with the candidate’s visit to the state, have made a significant difference, and it’s reflected in the polling.”

Full piece here.

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