Back in the U.S.A.

by John Derbyshire

Yeah, back from Muscovy. Got in late last night. House in amazing good order — dishes washed etc. The kids, left alone for a week, had not burned the place down, thrown wild orgies, or eaten the dog. They will be rewarded.

We had a simply wonderful time in Moscow, not a single negative moment. Many thanks to the Vokrug Sveta people and the organizers of the Ideas Festival; most especially to Anna Olevskaya and Liza Zoloto, who kept us on schedule with stereotype-shattering efficiency, and who were never late, never in an ill humor, and never at a loss for an answer.

A reader with Russian better than mine has tracked down the video of my presentation to the Festival, here, though unfortunately with Russian voice-over. Also the PowerPoint of my lecture at the Polytechnic Museum, blue link at bottom of the page here, though I seem to have given them a slightly older file: the lecture I actually delivered used this one. I’m told there is a video of me singing the Riemann song to balalaika accompaniment at the Polytechnic, but all I have so far is a still picture of that memorable performance.

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