‘This Isn’t About Class Warfare’

by Peter Kirsanow

. . . President Obama said during (and about) his speech in Osawatomie, Kansas on Tuesday. Except that a quick scan of his remarks shows that he singled out the following as having an “unfair” advantage, “tricking  families,” “getting rich,” and engaging in all manner of depredation, generally at the expense of the middle class:

“those at the very top”

“the privileged few”

“insurance companies”

“typical CEO”

“the top one percent”

“mortgage lenders that tricked families into buying homes”

“somebody pulling in $50 million”

“Wall Street”

“failed CEOs”

“payday lenders”

“most Republicans in Washington”

“some billionaires”

“the financial sector”

“the wealthiest Americans in the country”

“your employer”

“Republicans in Congress”

“a certain crowd in Washington”

“Republicans in the Senate”

“banks and institutions making bets with other people’s money”

“the same folks who are running Congress now”

“Warren Buffet”

“debt collectors”

“a quarter of all millionaires”

“the top one hundredth percent”

“major banks”

“ a few who can afford high-priced lobbyists”

“the wealthiest Americans in the country”

“those who would go back to policies that stacked the deck against the middle class”

“the breathtaking greed of a few”

“big banks”

The list is not exhaustive.

He was not being divisive. Just channeling the Rough Rider, that’s all.

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