House Dems Decry Budget Cuts, Entitlement Reform as ‘Heartless,’ ‘Un-Christian’

by Betsy Woodruff

At a press conference hosted by convicted ethics-violator Charles Rangel (D., N.Y.), several House Democrats gathered with religious leaders on Thursday to discuss the moral and religious implications of potential budget cuts and, in particular, entitlement reform.

“Budgets, appropriations, bills that we pass are all statements of our values,” said Del. Donna Christensen (D., VI). “And the values represented by cuts in programs to our children, threats to Medicare and changes in Social Security that will hurt our seniors and people with disabilities, prohibitions on regulations that protect the public health, and attempts to defund the Affordable Care Act and slam a door that’s just being opened for millions are not reflecting our values, the values of a nation that was founded and remains under God.”

“I can’t believe that as we are in the season of Advent, awaiting the celebration of the birth of our Savior, who came to bring salvation but also to bring equity and justice to the world, that we would be so heartless and un-Christian,” she added.

Rep. Barbara Lee (D., Calif.) echoed this tone. “I can’t help but remind us all that a budget is not just about numbers, it’s about people,” she said. “It’s a moral document. And when we talk about extending a safety net, a bridge over troubled waters, unemployment compensation, we have to remember that this is not only the economically prudent thing because once we have more consumers, the economy of course will get much better, but we also have to remember that this is a moral issue.”

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