Doughty Little Europe Goes It Alone

by Denis Boyles

Think you had a rough night? David Cameron’s press conference announcing Britain’s refusal to go along with the French-German euro-rescue scramble was held just after 6:00 a.m. in Brussels. In the words of a deeply ironic Guardian headline: “Eurozone countries go it alone with new treaty that excludes Britain.” Back in the days when wars were fought by armies, Britain was the go-it-alone country. How times have changed — even if the argument over who rules Europe hasn’t.

Yesterday’s New York Times report was dire:

No matter what happens at the European summit meeting on the euro in Brussels that begins Thursday, Britain is sure to lose.

The Times piece, which reads very much like the opinion piece it is, argued that unless Cameron embraced the euro, a failing currency, Britain would, uh, not be part of that failure. This disdain for the EU seems to annoy the Left. For them, Brussels is the government of the future, a bloated bureaucracy venerated by those who believe in what Andrew Breitbart might call Big Benevolence.

The Fortnightly Review’s “Calamo” has a more skeptical take:

Those who blithely assumed Britain should simply accept whatever France and Germany needed to do in order to save themselves from the collapse of the euro are now, like Nicholas Watt in today’s Guardian, worried that Britain is dangerously ‘isolated’ in Europe. The danger is real, but thanks to Mr Cameron, Britain is ‘isolated’ the way those on lifeboats were ‘isolated’ from the Titanic.

The U.K. and the rest of us no doubt will be affected by a collapse of the continental currency, But it seems better to watch the implosion from the sidelines rather than being caught in the middle of the mess.

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