Expect More of This

by Mona Charen

Here is an excerpt from the new Newsweek feature on Newt:

 “You take brain science, you take personal and Social Security savings accounts, you take offering the poor the opportunity to work and have a paycheck instead of food stamps, you take Lean Six Sigma”—a management-efficiency doctrine, his latest fascination—“and suddenly you have a Gestalt that is in many ways conservative, but in many ways very moderate.”

Lean Six Sigma? That’s Newt. Back in the 80s, he was obsessed by, among other things, Peter Drucker. There’s nothing wrong with Drucker, or with management consulting for that matter. The trouble is that Newt Gingrich is convinced that he can apply smart management techniques to government instead of business, and voila, Leviathan will work beautifully. 

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