Romney on 10K Bet: ‘An Outrageous Number to Answer an Outrageous Charge’

by Katrina Trinko

On Fox and Friends this morning, Mitt Romney explained why he had told Rick Perry he’d bet him $10,000.

“This was an outrageous number to answer an outrageous charge from him, and it’s been proven wrong time and time again, and he keeps raising it,” Romney said, according to The Hill’s Christian Heinze. “I said ‘Okay, let’s put something outrageous there.’ It’s like saying ‘Hey, I’ll bet you a million bucks X, Y, or Z.’”

The remark that Perry had made that galvanized Romney to offer the bet was, “I read your first book and it said in there that your mandate in Massachusetts which should be the model for the country.” After offering the bet, Romney argued that he hadn’t said that in his book, saying, “I have not said, in that book, first edition or the latest edition, anything about our plan being a national model imposed on the nation.”

UPDATE: The DNC is trying to make this bet stick as an issue, releasing this video last night:

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