Funniest Comment Ever?

by Jonah Goldberg

Regardless of your ideology, all decent intelligent people can agree that there are some sanctimonious idiots loitering in the comment sections of websites. Who deserves that characterization and who doesn’t is often open to debate. But, sometimes, there’s no reason to debate the issue at all.

Over at The Atlantic there’s a piece on the problems with the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial. The subject’s been much discussed, of course. But one reader thinks its biggest failing hasn’t been discussed enough. Here’s the first comment on the piece from a user named “nicholas1987″:

Or maybe because it’s at a mall? You seem to gloss right over that. The memorial is a disgusting corporate perversion of MLK’s legacy and twisting it into a ploy to draw people to a mall.

This drew a response from another commenter (Zinger1905) who showed remarkable restraint when he told Nicholas1987:

The National Mall is not a shopping mall, it’s a wide-open green space.

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