‘For All of Palestine’

by Michael Walsh

Jay, re your comments about Palestine, this instructive clip from the great 1933 musical, Footlight Parade, whose spectacular “Shanghai Lil” production number with Cagney and Keeler is Busby Berkeley’s ode-to-FDR-and-the-American-military masterpiece. Directed by Lloyd Bacon, with songs by Harry Warren and Al Dubin, and featuring the divine Joan Blondell, what’s not to like?

Check out the clip at the link for a period pop-cultural reference to “Palestine.” As the camera pans the bar, each of the assembled international rum crew gets a line about the mysterious Shanghai Lil. The Brit says he offered her a house in London, and the Frenchman a chateau. Last up is a Jewish guy in a tuxedo, who sings:

She said she won’t be mine for all of Palestine. Oy!

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