Of Course He Is

by Jonah Goldberg

I was reading this relatively interesting piece at GQ about  the Obama reelect effort. It’s not news, exactly, but Team O is looking to destroy the other guy, not defend their own record.

“In a re-elect,” one caffeine-addled strategist tells me between closed-door meetings, “all you’re really doing is trying to destroy the other guy.”  

I was particularly intrigued by the bio of the author:

Reid Cherlin, a writer based in D.C., worked as a spokesman for Obama from 2007 until last spring. He will be covering the New Hampshire primary for GQ.Com. 

For all I know, Cherlin’s a perfectly dispassionate and objective reporter. A (very) quick Google search didn’t yield a good bio. But I did learn that GQ’s disclosure policies are better than New York magazine’s.

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