Oldies but Goodies

by Jay Nordlinger

Michael, thank you so much for the magnificent “Shanghai Lil.” And Mark, thank you for the fascinating “Lena from Palesteena.” I now have another nickname for my eleven-year-old niece, Lena. (Like she needs another one, poor girl!)

By the way, when I was growing up, the word “sheikh” was mainly pronounced “sheek.” Gradually, we went native and started pronouncing it “shake” (maybe even with a little throat-clearing at the end). But the first pronunciation is needed in the verse that Mark quoted: “When she squeaks her squeezebox stuff, all the sheikhs can’t get enough.”

And speaking of rhyming, how about that clever stuff in “Shanghai Lil”? I especially admired the pairing of “Oriental” and “detrimental.” That’s entertainment, is all I can say.

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