Palin: Politicians’ Insider Trading Should be Illegal

by Katrina Trinko

Last month, Rick Perry proposed that it be classified as a criminal activity if any senator or House member traded stocks based on insider knowledge. So far, the issue seems to have garnered relatively little attention, but Sarah Palin is out with a USA Today op-ed on the same topic, stressing the need to make the practice illegal:

From sweetheart land deals to initial public offering (IPO) stock gifts to insider trading with non-public government information, the methods of unethical wealth accumulation for our permanent political class are endless. The reaction from the Beltway establishment to the revelations concerning insider trading among members of Congress was predictable. First they denied it, then they dismissed the problem as much ado about nothing. …

I hate the idea of more laws, but because our politicians have shown a failure of ethical leadership, we must reassert the rule of law through strong new legislation that holds Congress accountable and prevents retaliation against whistle-blowers and regulatory agencies investigating corruption.

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