Huck and the Miracle of Life in His Life

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

A little more from Governor Huckabee surrounding the release of The Gift of Life documentary:


Q: How did you become involved with The Gift of Life?

A: I’ve been passionately involved in the pro-life movement since the ’70s. When the opportunity presented itself to be involved in a movie project to provide a new way of looking at the sanctity of life, I was thrilled.

Q: What does a presidential primary have to do with it? Making something look “political” isn’t always taken positively.

A: The sanctity of life is not for me a political issue, but a fundamental moral issue. It goes to the heart of who we are as a people.

Q: So what do you hope to accomplish with the movie event? It’s not like Rick Santorum or Michele Bachmann need more of a commitment to the issue.

A: The focus of this election has understandably and rightly been primary on jobs and the economy, but that doesn’t mean that human life is no longer important. We want to keep this issue in front of the candidates and the people and remind that a President can make a big difference in his or her actions and voice.

Q: Is attendance any kind of Huckabee endorsement litmus test?  

A: No — more than anyone, I recognize that candidates have frantic schedules and all can’t come to every event. Those who don’t come aren’t snubbing the pro-life issue, but those who do are showing that they believe it to be a priority and that is significant.  

Q: Who’s the audience for The Gift of Life?

A: The film will inform and encourage those who are pro-life, but unlike anything I’ve seen before, I think it will challenge those who are not and in a very subtle yet powerful way, raise deep questions that they will be compelled to consider.

Q: Was there a moment in your life when you more fully realized what a gift life is?  

A: When my first son was born. He was a miracle in that due to my wife’s having cancer and extensive radiation treatment we were told we couldn’t have children. His birth was a reminder that God is in the life business.  

Q: Is there a story in the movie you wish you could bring to every man and woman in America?  

A: While all the stories are deeply touching, perhaps the story of one of my dear friends and a former employer James Robison gets to me because I’ve known James for 37 years and even though I knew his remarkable story, it still touches me deeply.

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