The Huck Litmus Test Tonight in Iowa?

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Mitt Romney will be missing in The Gift of Life premiere audience, as well as Ron Paul, a pro-life doctor, and as Jon Huntsman. When I asked Governor Huckabee if tonight amounts to an endorsement application test, Huckabee gives them all a pass. “More than anyone” he tells me, “I recognize that candidates have frantic schedules and all can’t come to every event. Those who don’t come aren’t snubbing the pro-life issue, but those who do are showing that they believe it to be a priority and that is significant.”

Interestingly, Nancy Keenan from NARAL takes the premiere as an opportunity to hit Romney anyway, worried he might actually be who he says he is on her issues (not actually the weathervane he is frequently portrayed as) — and therefore not a party beholden to her.

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