2012 Roundup

by Katrina Trinko


Mitt Romney, under fire for his $10,000 bet remark, stressed today that Gingrich is also wealthy. “Newt Gingrich has wealth from having worked in government. He’s a wealthy man, a very wealthy man. If you have a half a million dollar purchase from Tiffany’s, you’re not a middle class American,” Romney told CBS.

Ann Romney, fundraising in Iowa today, talked about how her husband had supported her when she was first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, including comforting her when she worried about what she would still be able to do. “He said, ‘And I really don’t care that you can’t cook dinner anymore — I really could eat toast and cereal for the rest of my life,’” Romney recounted, reported the Washington Examiner. She also talked about the couple’s early dating years: their first date was watching The Sound of Music.

Newt Gingrich would lose to President Obama in the general election by 10 points, 39 percent to 49 percent, according to a Rasmussen poll released today.

Gingrich also announced today that he had hired veteran GOP strategist David Winston. When Gingrich was speaker, Winston worked for him as director of planning.

Hillary Clinton does not view Gingrich’s comment that the Palestinians are an “invented people” as “helpful.”

Confronted by hecklers when delivering a speech about brain science at the University of Iowa today, Gingrich said, “I’m not going to be drowned out by the 1 percent who try to impose their will by making noise.”

Contra an earlier report, Gary Johnson will not announce tomorrow that he will leave the GOP and run for the Libertarian Party’s nomination. “I’m considering running for the Libertarian nomination but no decision on that to this point,” Johnson told Talking Points Memo.

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