Did Y’all Notice We Had an Editorial on Gingrich?

by Daniel Foster

The thing that gets one through days like today — when so many fellow conservatives are throwing rocks — is the knowledge that this, too, shall pass. We’ve been through it before and we’ll go through it again. Just as there was lots of infighting about whether to write Newt Gingrich out of the conservative movement for sticking his neck in NY-23 and backing “RINO” Dede Scozzafava over her conservative challenger, so too will we get beyond the current unpleasantness over whether we should back Newt Gingrich as the conservative standard-bearer. (Now that I think of it, that’s sort of a funny example!)

Okay, I couldn’t help the swipe. But putting it aside, I’ve been very tempted to respond to a lot of the more curious vitriol out there against our editorial — especially since some of its authors are throwing stones from great big ol’ glass houses, and especially since so many of their arguments seem to start from the bass-ackwards premise that the editors’ rejection of Gingrich actually constitutes his conservative bona fides.

But I don’t think too much is accomplished by naming names and inflaming passions. We’re all guilty of getting emotional about the future of this country and the best way to vouchsafe it. Better to go to sleep angry and hope we wake up remembering that men of good faith, sharing foundational principles, can disagree without betraying either that faith or those principles.

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