2012 Roundup

by Katrina Trinko

Newt Gingrich thinks that Mitt Romney isn’t getting into the Christmas spirit. Alluding to Romney’s attacks, Gingrich told Iowa Public Television, according to The Hill, that “We have an ad that will come up next week where Callista and I are wishing people a Merry Christmas, and we’re talking in a totally positive way. I just think if these guys keep up this negative junk, it’s discordant with the spirit of Christmas.” (hat tip: GOP12)

Gingrich now regrets saying that Romney should return the money he made at Bain Capital because his work sometimes resulted in layoffs at companies. “I do regret taking a shot at Mitt,” Gingrich told Iowa Public Television, according to Radio Iowa. “It also communicated something I don’t believe in. I think people who run those companies have an obligation to run the companies effectively and to do the best they can and I’ve said in the past, many times, that he’s a good manager.”

Politico is reporting that Sheldon Aldrich will send $20 million, via direct donation and/or raising from others, to a PAC supporting Gingrich, although Aldrich’s spokesman is denying that he will.

The Romney campaign is calling a report in The Telegraph today that Mitt Romney’s accommodations while serving as a Mormon missionary in France were not as austere as he had indicated inaccurate. “Gov. Romney spent about two years in the field, living in different cities and apartments, as he described,” e-mails spokeswoman Andrea Saul. “Then he was brought into the mission headquarters in Paris to help run the mission, and for the last six month of his church service abroad he lived in the mission home.”

Rick Perry told the Christian Broadcasting Network today that he sees criticism as an “honor.” “For me, when you are being criticized consider it an honor,” Perry said. “That’s the scriptural part of it. Listen, I stand up for my values and one of my values is being a Christian and we’re going to get criticized for that. I mean 2,000 years ago we knew we were going to get criticized for standing up for the values Jesus Christ talked about.”

Asked why she would be better at debating President Obama than Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich on Fox this afternoon, Michele Bachmann answered, “I don’t agree with Obama.” Per GOP12, she also said, “On almost every issue, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney agree with Barack Obama — whether it’s the health care mandate, cap and trade, the $700 billion bailout, going into Libya.”

A Super Pac supporting Rick Santorum is spending around $200,000 to run this ad in Iowa:

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