On the Passing of Christopher Hitchens

by Mario Loyola

Christopher was possibly the most luminous and captivating person I’ve ever known. Though I only had a handful of chances to spend time with him, each of them was a gem. Disagreements with him were inevitable (I’m a fan of both Kissinger and Christianity) but I agreed with him more often than not. A socialist who loved Churchill, an atheist who hated Saddam Hussein, he was my favorite living writer — particularly in the pages of The Atlantic Monthly, where he wrote his best essays, and theirs.  

My most heartfelt condolences to the many who knew him much better and will miss him much more. To them it must feel as if one of the great lights of the world has gone out. 

The rest of us can be grateful that he poured so much of his life into so much great writing — for the pleasure, consternation, and enlightening of generations to come.  

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