Shut Up, Sarkozy Explained

by Andrew Stuttaford

For those who are interested in such things (yes, I plead guilty), the Financial Times has an excellent behind-the-scenes summary of last week’s Brussels summit today. There’s plenty in it to chew over, but this nugget, in particular, caught my eye:

Mr Sarkozy was characteristically blunt. “David, we will not pay you to save the euro,” he said, according to one account. He went on to rebuke Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the freshly elected Danish prime minister [and a strong europhile], for the temerity to speak up for a deal at 27. “You’re an out [Denmark is not a member of the Eurozone, although the krone is pegged to the single currency], a small out, and you’re new. We don’t want to hear from you,” Mr Sarkozy said.

And that’s how it is. 

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