Kim Jong Il’s Exit

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

From Marco Rubio: “Kim Jong Il was a cruel tyrant who leaves behind unimaginable suffering by the North Korean people. The United States should work with our partners to ensure that this period of transition is seized as an opportunity to persuade North Korea to abandon its hostile nuclear program, open up its society and address the humanitarian crisis that its tyrannical leaders have inflicted.” 

Claudia Rosett: “My biggest concern is that the U.S. will now rush in, as we did in 1994, to offer deals and aid that will help shore up the regime, as we did with the last transition, in 1994.”

Upon watching media coverage last night, she shared: “CNN is full of commentators right now saying we have to be careful not to offend whoever or whatever now takes over in N Korea… I pray President Obama has the wisdom to refrain from offering any sympathy on the death of this monster.”

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