Nationally, Romney, Gingrich Tied

by Katrina Trinko

Results from CNN/ORC poll of Republicans released today: Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich (28 percent), Ron Paul (14 percent), Michele Bachmann (8 percent), Rick Perry (7 percent),  Rick Santorum (4 percent), and Jon Huntsman (2 percent). 

When it comes to who is best suited to campaign against Obama in the general election and who can get the economy moving again, Romney and Gingrich score about the same level of support. But when it comes to which candidate is the strongest leader, Gingrich is backed by 42 percent to Romney’s 26 percent. On the other hand, Romney is viewed as the most likeable candidate by 30 percent (15 percent see Gingrich that way), and when candidates’ “personal characteristics and qualities” are polled, Romney has 32 percent to Gingrich’s 21 percent. 

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