Motes, Beams, International Objects

by Jay Nordlinger

In my column today, I mention the twisting of words, to mean something entirely different from what they once meant. I cite “international,” which has become, for some, a synonym of “foreign.” Ted Turner, you may remember, banned the word “foreign” from CNN when he owned that network. You were supposed to say “international” instead.

A reader writes,


A little side note to Ted Turner and his ban on “foreign.” As you know, Turner owned the Atlanta Braves for years and did so when he put the kibosh on “foreign” at CNN. The Braves’ broadcasting team also worked for Ted. The “signature” voice of the Braves was Skip Caray, son of Harry. The polar opposite of his dad, he was understated, sarcastic, and dry.

During one game, one of our players was batting and had to step suddenly out of the box. Skip said, “He appears to have an international object in his eye.”

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