Another Last-Minute Gift Idea

by Mark Krikorian

You thought I was going to recommend another book, didn’t you? Instead, buy your loved one, or yourself, one of the few remaining spots on the Center for Immigration Studies border safari in February. We’ll be starting in Yuma, at the western end of Arizona’s border, and heading east to Nogales for five days, led by Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Jerry Kammer, who was a reporter in the region for many years (on both sides of the border). No need to come armed, since we won’t be prowling around drug-smuggling routes in the dark of night, but it is a chance to see first-hand what’s happening and speak with people in the field about the challenges they face. For more information, click on the little envelope next to my name above.

PS: The author of Neptune’s Inferno, which Hans referred to below, spoke earlier this year at the Pritzker Military Library lecture series; all of the lectures are podcast and available free at iTunes — there’s a free Christmas present that anyone interested in history should jump at.

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