Two Worthwhile Christmas Movies

by Jack Fowler


Last year I first saw Remember the Night, a 1940 movie starring Barbara Stanwyck and Fred McMurray (and Beulah Bondi in a tender performance). Turner Classic Movies aired it, but this year, ixnay. Too bad. You can still watch it on YouTube, here. It is a warm and touching film, set around Christmas, and shows a simpler America, a place you’d want to visit, at least for a day, and maybe stay for a lifetime. For a taste: There’s an oddly sweet scene where Stanwyck plays the piano while Sterling Holloway (Winnie the Pooh!) nails “The End of a Perfect Day.”

The there is Star in the Night, a modern Western (yippi-ki-ay) version of the Virgin Birth, complete with cowboy “Wise Men” and barnyard critters. Starring the great J. Carroll Naish, it’s a classic Warner Brothers short that is a tad corny but will have you tearing up. TCM will be showing it tomorrow morning at 7:37AM (Eastern time). And you can also watch it here on YouTube.

And lo: The Suits at NRO have feelings too. We get sentimental and sore afraid like the rest, and are moved to extend greeting of comfort and joy. To all who celebrate Christmas, may it be merry. To all who celebrate Hanukah, may it be happy. To those who simply yearn for peace and goodwill, may you have it. To all who come to these here parts, who enjoy NRO, who share it with their friends, who contribute, and as much to those who come here to kvetch, may sugarplum fairies fill your sweet dreams, and bring you copious amounts of wassail and figgy pudding.

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