‘Victory or Death’

by Robert Costa

In a new campaign video, Gingrich praises George Washington:

Two years ago, NRO spoke with Gingrich about the general and his men:

While writing the book, Gingrich says, he roamed along the river, pen in hand, looking for inspiration. He poured over historical volumes and letters. A former college professor, he tells me that he relished the research. The area wasn’t new to him. He grew up in Harrisburg, a few hours away.

The real draw of writing the book, he says, was diving back into Washington’s story, a life he says he finds more inspiring every day. “You have to remember that what made America unique was that every person acquired their rights from God, and, therefore, every person was the moral equal of the king,” says Gingrich. “Washington knew that if you didn’t believe in Divine Providence, then you didn’t believe in America. Their willingness to fight and die for that cause should humble us, especially when we complain about how hard politics is today, when taking on Nancy Pelosi and others. I wanted the book to be both a morale booster and a reminder.”

“Compared to the challenge of Washington and his troops, nothing that faces us today is nearly as daunting,” says Gingrich. “Nonetheless, whenever we encounter challenging times in our nation, we must remember that we’ve had problems before, and, through great courage and perseverance, we’ve solved them. Fighting for freedom mattered then, and it really matters now. I look at the Pelosi-Reid machine, and I realize just how angry Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin would have been.”

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