Paul Leading, Gingrich Sliding

by Rich Lowry

New PPP poll has it Paul 24, Romney 20, Gingrich 13 in Iowa. Romney’s fav/unfav is now slightly underwater, 44/47. Gingrich is massively so, 37/54. Santorum has the best numbers, 56/29. PPP’s take-away:

Iowa looks like a 2 person race between Paul and Romney as the campaign enters its final week.  If Paul can really change the electorate by turning out all these young people and independents who don’t usually vote in Republican caucuses, he’ll win. If turnout ends up looking a little bit more traditional, Romney will probably prevail. And given all the strange twists and turns to this point don’t be surprised to see yet another surprise in the final week…and based on the innards of this poll the person best positioned to provide that surprise in the closing stretch is Santorum.

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