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by John J. Miller

I don’t have an excellent answer for this e-mailer. Please offer your own suggestions.

Love the previous “best of” lists on conservative reads that you’ve put together.  Anyhoo, thought you might be the person to point me in the direction of a good read on the Great War, WWI.  Recently saw Warhorse with my daughter, who asked me what the war was about, and found myself unable to give her more than a thumbnail’s sketch on the origin of the conflict (assassination of the Archduke of Ferdinand, nation-state alliances, etc.).  Outside this recitation of dry facts, it seems to me that there is much that conservatives should know about this conflict.  Should it have been prevented?  Should Wilson have gotten the U.S. involved? What role did it play in fostering fascism, socialism, communism?  Seems to me that the Great War had a significant role in ushering in many of the ills of modern society and yet I hear curiously little about it in the conservative blogosphere.  Maybe you could spark a discussion in the Corner around this?  Come on, help a conservative brother out!!!

My favorite piece of fiction about the First World War is probably “Big Two-Hearted River” by Ernest Hemingway, and I mean that only half jokingly. I’ve also enjoyed Richtofen by William E. Burrows (a biography of the Red Baron).

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