Romney Praises Bolton

by Katrina Trinko

In a radio interview that aired yesterday, Mitt Romney told Hugh Hewitt that while voters shouldn’t expect to hear him announce his ideal cabinet anytime soon, he did share Newt Gingrich’s respect for John Bolton.

“I had the interesting experience of reading his book, Surrender Is Not An Option, and in it, he described in some depth the mentality of people who spend their entire life in government,” Romney said in reference to Bolton, whom Gingrich has pledged to appoint secretary of state. “And that is in many cases, they’re more inclined towards getting an agreement than actually getting a result. And as someone from the private sector, I’m a results-oriented guy. And John Bolton’s insistence on good results for America is something I respect.”

“I think he’s a fine man with great capacity,” Romney added. “I’m not planning right now on naming my cabinet early, but you never say never in this business, but I think John Bolton is right that we need to have a dramatic shakeup in the approach that’s taken by our State Department.”

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