2012 Roundup

by Katrina Trinko

Ron Paul told Bloomberg that, “I’m gonna come in, I think, first or second,” in the Iowa caucuses.

But he’s also looking ahead to South Carolina, starting to air today these two ads:

Newt Gingrich picked up an endorsement from conservative Iowa radio host Steve Deace.

Gingrich also said he would consider Sarah Palin for vice president or for a cabinet position.

And while Gingrich may be refusing to air negative ads, he’s been hit by them pretty hard himself: 45 percent of caucus-related ads in Iowa since December 1 have been attacks against Gingrich, according to an analysis done by the Campaign Media Analysis Group.

Iowa talk radio host Steve Conway backed Rick Perry today.

Speaking about Chris Christie, Rick Santorum said in a radio interview today, per the Washington Examiner, that, “I like Chris, I’ve known Chris for years — he’s a fun guy and he’s an interesting guy, but he’s certainly not a conservative Republican.”

A PAC supporting Jon Huntsman made a $300,000 ad buy to air this commercial that calls Romney a “chameleon”:

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