Philly Stakes

by Robert Costa

Des Moines, Iowa – When he won the caucuses four years ago, Mike Huckabee was the favorite of Iowa’s social conservatives. This year, the competition for those voters is much more intense. Rick Santorum explains the difference:

Santorum compared the difference between 2008 and this year to ordering at his favorite cheesesteak shop in Pennsylvania. “You ever been to Geno’s in Philadelphia?” he asked on the trail last week. “How long does it take you to order at Geno’s? You know what they sell? Cheesesteaks. That’s it. It’s pretty simple to order. Go to a menu where you’ve got three or four pages of menu and it’s going to take you longer to order. In 2008, you had a Geno’s election. Mike [Huckabee] was the cheesesteak. . . . He was it.”


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