‘Good Boost’

by Robert Costa

Des Moines, Iowa – Romney sounds pretty confident about his chances:

Mitt Romney said no matter where he finishes Tuesday, he’s going to get a “good boost” out of Iowa.

Romney told CBS’s “The Early Show” on Monday he is “pretty encouraged” by the polls showing he’s a front-runner in Iowa.

“I’ve seen polls in the past and I know it’s very difficult to predict who will actually caucus in Iowa, but I think I’m getting a real strong sendoff,” Romney said.

And according to Lloyd Grove, Romney’s top strategist is “oozing confidence.”

“We’re in a completely different stage,” Stuart Stevens, Romney’s senior strategist and image consultant, argued to a couple of reporters in the back of a meeting hall in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Sunday evening, as his shirt-sleeved, blue-jeaned candidate mingled briskly with likely caucus-goers. “I haven’t seen polling on this, but most Republicans think Obama is going to lose. And most of these people”—he gestured at the crowd—“think Mitt Romney’s going to be the next president. So a lot of people are coming to see somebody who’s going to be the next president.”

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