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by NRO Staff

From Fox’s Special Report with Bret Baier

Friday, Dec. 30, 2011

On possible outcomes in Iowa:

The folklore is it depends on the weather. If it snows, Ron Paul wins; if the weather is good, it’s Romney. Which means we will learn if God is a libertarian or moderate Republican. We know he is not a Democrat. Now we can narrow it down a bit….

And there’s another story, which is Perry. His numbers are creeping up.

The way this campaign has cycled so rapidly from one candidate to another, I’d be tempted to say Santorum peaked too early because he peaked on Thursday.

On recent Iranian threats to close the Strait of Hormuz:

But let’s remember that Iranian actions are not to deter a military attack. Iranian actions are to deter sanctions.

We are at the last step of sanctions, after all these years. With Europe, if it does it — early next year, imposing a boycott on Iranian oil — and America imposing sanctions on the central bank in Iran, [we will] essentially shut down the [Iranian] economy, and bring Iran to its knees.

That is what Iran is worried about. This is the final step.

I think the Iranians know that if they were to [carry out] the bluff and act on it, it would be a catastrophe. So I think it’s rattling of the sabers but it’s up to us and the Europeans to actually impose real sanctions finally.

On the effect of the Arab League delegation to Syria:

Generally a delegation like this helps the regime because it provides respite and cover. It’s had the exact opposite effect. The demonstrators are out in force, and I think it’s accelerating the pace of the revolution.

On Krauthammer’s New Year’s Resolution:

Last year on this night, I pledged to be kinder and gentler — looks like I’m going to have to actually give that one another shot.

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