A Big Government Conservative

by Jonathan H. Adler

I know some of my NRO colleagues are Rick Santorum fans.  I must dissent on this point.  Whatever his other virtues, RIck Santorum does not seem particularly concerned with constraining the size and scope of government.  As David Boaz has detailed, Santorum seems to take an ends-justify-the-means approach to government interventions in the economy and civil society more broadly, and has practically embraced claims he is a “big government conservative.”  I also have serious doubts about any candidate without meaningful executive or private sector experience. Such concerns were valid about then-Senator Obama (which the last three years have surely vindicated), and they remain valid about former Senator Santorum.  And then there’s that electability issue.  It’s not as if Senator Santorum’s last campaign in Pennsylvania went so well . . . 

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