Campaigning in Iowa, Paul Defends Foreign Policy Views

by Katrina Trinko

On the stump yesterday, accompanied by his son Sen. Rand Paul, Ron Paul sought to fight back against the criticisms that his foreign policy views are too radical.

“It is a foreign policy that is pro-American. It is pro-constitution,” Paul told an audience gathered in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

“And for many, many years it was part of the Republican party,” he added, referencing Dwight Eisenhower’s “warnings about the military industrial complex.” Paul also had a more recent example: “You think about the campaign in the year 2000, our candidate at that time, he advocated a humble foreign policy, non-intervention, no nation building, no policing of the world.”

Speaking before his father, Rand Paul noted that Ron Paul had received more donations from active military members than any other GOP candidate in the race. “When they blast Ron Paul and say foreign policy is his Achilles’ heel,  you turn around and you tell them that the American people are ready for a constitutional foreign policy,” the younger Paul said.

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