Thune: Romney Did Well in Iowa Because of Electability

by Katrina Trinko

Des Moines, Iowa — At the Hotel Fort Des Moines, where the Romney campaign is camped and awaiting results, supporters have begun to stream in. Among them is Romney endorsee Sen. John Thune, who has appeared in the ads Mitt Romney has run in Iowa.

With the results indicating that Romney will almost certainly be in the top three, Thune says that result “puts him in a good position going into New Hampshire and South Carolina.”

“What it does show is that there are a lot of people here in Iowa who recognize that he has the best shot of beating President Obama. And I think in the end, that’s what moved a lot of voters in his directions,” Thune added.

Thune also predicted that Republicans, with an eye toward picking a viable candidate for the general election and someone who could be trusted to turn the economy around, would begin coalescing around Romney. “While they may be attracted to other candidates right now, as the race narrows, I think you’re going to see a lot of people moving his direction,” he remarked.

He said has no regrets about not running himself. “He’s the right guy for the times,” Thune said of Romney, “and I’m happy to be here to help.”

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