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‘We’re Going to Go Up to New Hampshire & We’re Going to Surprise a Lot of People’


Rick Santorum was on Bill Bennett’s radio show this morning, the only show the former Pennsylvania senator plans to do today. (I said what I wanted to say last night, and that is all I want to say until I get to New Hampshire.)

For two years, Santorum was a regular Friday guest-host for the show (which I co-guest-hosted with him a time or two).

Bill’s producer, who worked with Santorum on the show, produced the senator’s cell phone number this morning and Bennett subsequently, inadvertently, woke the near/effective winner of last night’s primary up as they went live for the unscheduled interview. “I just called Rick Santorum’s cell and I woke him up. I feel terrible!”

Bennett, the former education secretary and drug czar, thanked Santorum for “the linking between the economic and the social” on the campaign trail. For Santorum, Bennett said, “the family values doesn’t stand by itself, as some kind of nostalgia … but hard-hitting policy. ‘If you want to succeed as an economy … you have to strengthen families.’”

Borrowing from his stump speech, Santorum said: “You can’t have limited government without strong families. You can’t have a successful economy without strong families.”

About his campaign, Santorum said:

I didn’t do this because I just woke up or dreamed all my life that I should be president. I do this because of the things I believe in, because of the causes I that I think are just. I do believe this isn’t just a message that sells in Iowa. This isn’t just a message that sells in South Carolina. And we’re going to go up to New Hampshire and we’re going to surprise a lot of people.

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