Olberfreude Watch

by Jonah Goldberg

Keith Olbermann’s tenure at his — I believe — fourth TV network continues to degenerate. Just so long as he doesn’t end up as a guest judge on Top Chef, this tale can only get better.

Meanwhile, I watched the election coverage Olbermann was frozen out of last night (Kathryn had commented about it on Twitter and after a few minutes of research I discovered I get Current as well). It was hilarious. The production values were only slightly better than local public access and on par with the sort of thing you find in the tall grass of your cable system: Pakistani talk shows, 700 Club knock-offs, rural public TV, and Ukrainian round-tables on next year’s wheat harvest. While I really liked that they kept the live broadcast from CNN on the monitor in the background, the best part was Al Gore in a slot that you’d expect they’d reserve for a junior editor of Mother Jones. I watched for about 20 minutes and the supposed elder statesman of the Democratic party didn’t say a word until the show was almost over. And when he did speak it was entirely platitudinous grasping drivel about how Obama was the big winner tonight or some such.

I realize I’m not their ideal viewer, but I may have to tune in more often.

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