What You Miss When You Don’t Watch MSNBC

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

As Jonah mentioned, I went Current last night — something I Tweeted too much about (but did you know that Jennifer Granholm is a rock star”?!) — so I inevitably missed some strange words on MSNBC. 

While I was on Al Kresta’s radio show today, he caught me up, mentioning what I hope was the most cynical comment of the night. Lawrence O’Donnell, commenting on Rick Santorum’s discussion of his grandfather, said: 

When he was talking about his grandfather, he wasn’t just talking about his grandfather. Every carefully crafted political speech is about the candidate and the opponent. Rick Santorum is hoping there is a discussion of grandfathers here. O’Donnell believes that Santorum wanted to “get under Romney’s skin” and force a conversation about his grandfather’s father being a polygamist.

Am I crazy to think that had nothing to do with Santorum’s moving speech about what motivates him, about an American story, the American story? And that Romney didn’t look irked, but that he looked happy for the guy? 

You can watch it here — clip includes how Santorum started to woo Al Sharpton. That is, until he scared him. 

(This post was previously truncated.)

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