Meredith Graves

by Andrew Stuttaford

A former prosecutor (and supporter of strict gun control laws in NYC) calls for some change in the city’s gun laws::

[I]t’s not just knuckleheads like Graves who could get caught up by our gun laws. Imagine an upstanding citizen who’s gone through the background check etc. to get a carry permit in another state and is flying with the gun safely checked in his luggage — until the plane is forced to land at JFK because of mechanical problems, obliging the traveler to spend the night here. He asks where to check his weapon and is immediately arrested. Then he spends 24 hours in jail awaiting arraignment, where he’s released on bail to later return to New York one day and face a mandatory minimum of 3 1/2 years in state prison.

That’s not a nightmare, it’s the existing law in New York state. Reform is needed, now.

Indeed it is.

He also adds this:

Even in the Meredith Graves case, the right punishment (for being careless enough not to check gun laws in the state she was traveling to) is some large fine; putting her in state prison is not justice.

Indeed it is not.

H/t: Instapundit


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