Gingrich, Santorum Making Debate Agreement to Not Attack Each Other?

by Katrina Trinko

From Politico:


Two sources confirmed that there have been discussions within Newt Gingrich’s camp about forging a non-aggression pact with Rick Santorum at the debates, although it wasn’t immediately clear that one had been reached or that discussions had been had between the teams.

Such a pact would benefit both of them and potentially be problematic for Mitt Romney. However, while it’s been discussed as a potential strategy in Gingrichland, one Santorum adviser professed ignorance about it.

As for Santorum and Gingrich, one source described them as liking each other, and expected any negativity to be kept low. But Gingrich’s level of animosity toward Romney “has reached a new level.”

Gingrich has been attacking Romney more vigorously in recent days, and the two New Hampshire debates on January 7 and 8 will give him his first chance to square off with Romney directly.

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