Not George Meany’s Labor Movement

by Mark Krikorian

Today’s Post reports that “Labor leaders lobby for same-sex marriage in Md.” The reason that seems improbable is that until recently, American organized labor, while misguided on many economic questions, was deeply traditionalist. They generally confined themselves to economic matters, and when they rendered opinions on other matters — say, the Vietnam War or trade with the Soviet Union — they were conservative. But a lot of those Reagan Democrats who belonged to unions no longer do so and have become Republicans, which was both a cause and an effect of the change in organized labor in the U.S. to something more like European unions — culturally leftist, post-patriotic, pro-open-borders. The American labor movement has indeed become what Marx imagined when he wrote that “the worker has no country” — except that it’s only possible here because the unions no longer represent many workers.

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