The Slanders Against Santorum Clarify the Real Conflict

by David French

This week we’ve seen three vile leftist attacks against Rick Santorum: On separate occasions, Alan Colmes and Eugene Robinson mocked the way he and his family dealt with the most horrifying and tragic event of their lives, the death of a child; and today we see that NPR has been misleading at best while attempting to manufacture a controversy over race and consequently slandering a man who’s one of the nation’s leading advocates for rebuilding African-American families.  

Conservatives are in the midst of a moderate to mild (by historical standards) fight over past positions, political records, and the nature of conservatism. The Left is playing a different game altogether. Alan Colmes, Eugene Robinson, NPR, and others are trying to exclude Santorum from the ranks of the reasonable and rational (as of this writing, the Huffington Post has a picture — not worth linking — of Santorum next to Linda Blair as it hypes a pathetic hack piece about an alleged exorcism). This is nothing new, of course, but with the attacks coming just as tempers are flaring within the conservative movement, it’s worth remembering that we conservatives are, ultimately, friends.  

In fact, we’re friends united with a common purpose. When it comes to comments like Colmes’s or Robinson’s, or the blatant use of the race card to protect the abortion-industrial complex, we should perhaps view ourselves as a bit like NATO:  We have our differences, but an attack against one of us is an attack against all of us. When it comes to his message about family, Santorum is spot-on — his efforts to repair the American family are culturally invaluable and represent our best answer to multi-generational poverty and dependence.  

Thank you, Senator Santorum, and keep fighting the good fight. 

(Disclaimer: I’m an evangelical for Mitt.)

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