‘A Worthy Challenger’

by Rich Lowry

Charles has a good column today about the process elevating, in Rick Santorum, the best possible challenger to Romney. I agree with that. One of my peeves throughout this primary season has been the assumption that Republicans are irrational and they just want mindless bomb-throwing. Frank Rich on MSNBC last night said something like all Republicans care about is combativeness and cited Bachmann and Gingrich. Well, where are they now? Bachmann is out of the race and Gingrich is much diminished. It was understandable that Bachmann, Perry, Cain, and Gingrich all surged, and understandable that once Republican voters focused on what made them unsuitable or dubious as general election candidates or presidents, they fell. Santorum now has a good chance to be the anti-Romney and he’s notably experienced and knowledgeable — in fact, one of the emerging tropes about him is that his answers in town-hall meetings are too long and detailed.

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