Playing the Verdun Card (Again and Again and Again)

by Andrew Stuttaford

 Sarkozy plays the Verdun card yet again. The Commentator is unimpressed:

Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday [raised] the prospect of war in Europe should the euro collapse:

“The euro is the heart of Europe. If the euro is destroyed, it’s the whole of Europe that goes up in smoke. If Europe goes up in smoke it’s the peace of our continent that will be one day or another be called into question,” he said.


Germany’s Angela Merkel said something similarly cretinous a couple of months back, and using the memory of the darker chapters of European history to whip dissenters into line has form going back several years such as when former Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende in 2005 raised the prospect of a second Holocaust should voters say no to the European Constitution in a referendum. (The Dutch did in fact say no and there wasn’t another Holocaust, but their democratic rights were erased as the Commission and its accomplices simply renamed the Constitution as the Lisbon Treaty and proceeded regardless.)

 If Sarkozy actually believes what he is saying then he badly needs psychiatric help. I note, in passing, that he has recently been devoting some time to the topic of Joan of Arc. I had thought this was something to do with France’s upcoming elections, but maybe the real explanation is that poor Sarko is starting to identify with the fact that the Maid of Orleans heard, uh, “voices”.

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