A Little Gratitude for Inane Questioning

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

I was stuck in a stairwell for the first half-hour of the debate, and some of the questions made me wish I still was once I was in place.

And yet . . . may I express my gratitude for the liberal media anyway? You can’t help but think there were some gotcha questions there. And the field made America proud. Rick Santorum is not the caricature of him that the media insists he is. Mitt Romney has led on some of these so-called social issues and got to talk about just that. Newt Gingrich was articulate on the scandal of tolerance these days — as those who want to redefine marriage will not be satisfied until we all are forced to approve. Rick Perry expanded the religious-liberty discussion to discuss how this administration is penalizing human-trafficking victims because of its radical ideology. And the candidates made clear that their interest in these issues stemmed from a concern with freedom and who we are as a country — rather than anyone’s bedroom.