Sunday Debate Begins

by Quin Hillyer

Santorum’s opening words were devastating to Romney. If Romney was so proud of his record, Santorum asked him, why did he not run for reelection?  “Why did you bail out?” What a hit. Then he noted that when he ran for the Senate in 1994, he “ran to the left of Ted Kennedy.”

It was a strong opening.

Romney’s answer wasn’t bad, though: “Politics isn’t a career.” He had other things to do.”

To which, though, the answer should be: Oh, really? Then why didn’t you go back into business after his governor’s term? He didn’t. Instead, he immediately started running for president, and hasn’t stopped for five years.

Then Gingrich absolutely nailed him, along the lines I just typed, but much more directly: “Can we stop the pious baloney? … You’ve been running since at least the early 1990s.”

What a great three-way exchange to start the debate! Highly entertaining.

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