The Formidable Weak Frontrunner

by Rich Lowry

I have been surprised that Santorum didn’t get more of a bounce here in New Hampshire, and whatever momentum he had seems to have been dissipated by the coverage of his pointless long exchanges with college students on social issues. A last-minute “moment” could always change the dynamic in the last 48 hours, but things are breaking exactly right for Romney. He is heading to a solid win while Santorum weakens yet Gingrich and Perry don’t strengthen. That sets the predicate for him winning South Carolina, too, with multiple non-Romney candidates dividing the vote and none of them dominant. So he could go 3-3, then have all the resources and momentum heading into Florida. Unless someone unites the vote opposed to him — and Santorum still seems the best bet — he could be the weak frontrunner who sweeps January.  

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