Colmes, Robinson, and Weirdness

by Peter Kirsanow

As Mark Steyn notes on the homepage, certain pundits who praise liberal politicians for their purported empathy have derided the Santorums for taking home their infant son Gabriel, who had died two hours after birth. Eugene Robinson, for example, said Rick Santorum is  “not a little weird, he’s really weird.”

I don’t recall these pundits making any similar comments about Barack Obama’s opposition to the Illinois state version of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (BAIPA). The act was introduced in the Illinois state legislature to require that babies who survived botched abortions would be provided care in the same manner as any other infant born alive (evidence had been introduced that babies who had survived unsuccessful abortions were left alone on shelves  and receptacles in utility closets until they died). Not one U.S. senator — not Boxer, Schumer, nor Clinton — voted against the federal version. Even NARAL didn’t oppose it. State senator Obama not only voted against the state version but worked to kill it in committee.

A number of adjectives come to mind to describe Obama’s actions regarding BAIPA. “Weird” is the most charitable.

Yet these same pundits leveled absolutely no derision toward the empathetic agent of hope and change. An insight, perhaps, into their world view. 

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