P.S. on Conservatives vs. Capitalism

by Jay Nordlinger

I have a memory from the Republican primaries in 2000. W. and McCain were debating. I think it was South Carolina, a debate hosted by Larry King. Keyes was there too. At some point, McCain said that Bush’s proposals favored “the wealthiest one percent.” That was the same little lefty alliterative line that Al Gore was using. And I thought, “What use will it be to nominate John McCain if he’s going to talk the same language as the Democrat?”

Remember when “wealthiest one percent” was a buzz-phrase in our politics? Incredibly annoying.

I think a lot of people like capitalism in theory but not in practice. And I speak with some humility here: I’m the kind of guy who, as a kid, never had a lemonade stand. I could sooner have beaten Bruce Jenner in the decathlon. But I appreciate kids with lemonade stands, and I know that the entrepreneurial are essential to our society.

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